Internationale Akademie HAGIA - Akademie für Matriarchatsforschung Internationale Akademie HAGIA - Akademie für Matriarchatsforschung Internationale Akademie HAGIA - Akademie für Matriarchatsforschung

Internationale Akademie HAGIA
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International Academy HAGIA for Modern Matriarchal Studies

International Academy HAGIA


International Academy HAGIA


International Academy HAGIA

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The International Academy HAGIA was founded in 1986. It is dedicated to the exploration of the long history of matriarchal societies and cultures. Historically, matriarchal cultures have existed worldwide and continue to exist today in different continents.


It is only recently that research in matriarchy has become an international field of exploration, one that includes all of the socio-cultural sciences, and for the first time, this research has been situated within a scientific framework. Heide Goettner-Abendroth has been working in this field for all her life, and is a well-known matriarchy scholar nationally and internationally.  She has developed a coherent theoretical basis that combines the different aspects of matriarchy research, convincingly presenting it as a new socio-cultural science. In this way she has become the founding mother of Modern Matriarchal Studies.

Her own matriarchy research, and that of international guest lecturers, is presented dynamically and attractively in her seminars, as well as in international study trips offered by Academy HAGIA.


In terms of social and cultural structures, matriarchy research opens up a fundamentally different perspective than that offered by the societies many of us are living in. It makes us aware of the patterns in our own patriarchal societies and personal lifestyles; these can then be understood, confronted and changed. New ways of thinking and experience become possible, and visions can develop that shed light on the paths to the future. The study of matriarchy can touch the person as a whole, and above all, it is meant to change society as a whole.


Therefore, the activities in the Academy HAGIA are at once intellectual, political, artistic, and spiritual.  Every Academy event includes aspects of both history and society, and creates a living connection to the natural world around us.



What is special with the Academy HAGIA:


  • The original source: It is the first Academy for Modern Matriarchal Studies, a new field of knowledge which was created here. The Academy is based on the experience of more than two decades.
  • Best quality: At the Academy, well founded, serious knowledge is taught. The original researcher is training the participants.
  • Scientific attainments: The education is based on scholarly work, but is presented in a way easy to understand.
  • Efficiency: The education is an effective way in order to become able to teach about modern Matriarchal Studies.
  • Practice-oriented: Intellectual tools to be able to develop a good, convincing argumentation are given by practical exercises.
  • Authentic spirituality: The spiritual teachings and festivals are based on modern Matriarchal Studies.
  • International contacts: The Academy is working internationally and fosters a web of worldwide contacts.
  • The “mother-house”: The Academy has a permanent seat (in Germany), where like-minded women meet who want to get to know each other and can come back again and again.
  • Matriarchal politics: Many aspects of matriarchal politics can be gained from the work at the Academy, which help to leave patriarchy behind.



Directors of the Academy:

Dr. Heide Goettner-Abendroth

Cécile Keller